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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the corporate structure of AMFM?
    AMFM is an association incorporated in the state of Arizona as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

  2. Why was AMFM organized?
    AMFM was organized out of the great need to resource and train individuals, churches and organizations to more effectively strengthen marriages and families.

  3. What is the focus of AMFM?
    To give those serving marriages and families access to trusted resources and training by connecting them to resource providers and trainers.

  4. What makes AMFM unique?
    AMFM is committed to connecting its marriage and family resource members to churches and communities. Further, AMFM uses a “train-the-trainer” model to equip churches and communities to strengthen marriages and families.

  5. Who should join AMFM?
    Marriage and family educators, pastors, teachers, counselors, church and para-church leadership, Bible college and seminary students, church lay leadership, community leaders and volunteers who serve in the area of marriage and family as well as ministries and organizations with resources and training for marriages and families. (To learn which membership option best fits your needs, click here.)

  6. Who determines the resources and training of resources in and through AMFM?
    The AMFM Staff, in collaboration with the AMFM Ministry Team Leaders and their teams, along with input through surveys, phone calls, and other correspondence.

  7. Who can serve on an AMFM Ministry Team?
    Active members of AMFM are eligible to serve on an AMFM Ministry Team.

  8. Will AMFM hold an annual Conference?
    Yes, AMFM hosts a National Marriage and Family Ministry Training Conference which brings our members together annually to encourage, equip, motivate and train so they can effectively serve the marriages and families God brings to them.